Treatment Plan

At The Earth Element, we work together to set you up for long term health and success. The best way to approach acupuncture treatment is to set out a course and follow our dedicated plan so that you get the best results in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Planning Your Course of Treatment

Your course of treatment will depend upon several factors. Your age, constitution, response to treatment, health goals, the intensity and duration of your complaint, and your willingness to make lifestyle changes to better your health are all factors that can impact your needs. While this could be different for each person, it also depends on If you are only looking for short term relief from your symptoms or if you are ready to fix the problem and be rejuvenated for better life.

The 3 Levels of Successful Acupuncture Care

  • Level 1: Relieve
    Most people fall into this level at their first acupuncture visit. The main goal of this level is to expedite healing so you start to feel relief from your symptoms. This level requires more frequent care to relieve your symptoms and get you feeling better.
  • Level 2: Correct
    Once your symptoms have faded and you are making progress, you will enter Level 2. This is the phase where we correct and rebalance the underlying issues that may have caused your symptoms. Just like when peeling an onion, there are layers of healing. Level 1 addresses the first layer, Level 2 moves deeper to address what is underneath and fix the core issue. Also, old habits are hard to break and without corrective care, the body will fall back into its old imbalances and the issues may return. This Level is crucial for lasting relief and whole-body wellness.
  • Level 3: Maintain & Prevent
    Welcome to Level 3! Here is where you graduate from correcting your issues to maintaining fabulous health. You have dedicated a good deal of time and energy into healing your body, now you need to take care and prevent. Visits in Level 3 are like tune-ups for your body – they help to keep your body on track and detect and minor issues before they become full-blown problems.

What to Expect at Your Session

Your first examination will consist of a detailed health intake followed with your first Acupuncture session – exciting !

Duration of Treatment

Expect your first examination to last up to 60 minutes or longer. However, please allow up to 90 min for your first appointment in case that your health intake took longer than  expected.

Follow-up visits

will last about 45 min to an hour. Here we will check in to discuss your progress and address any new concerns. Then you will relax and enjoy your acupuncture session and any other needed techniques to achieve our desired results.

Start on the path to healing today.