Heat Therapy/Moxibustion

Heat Therapy/Moxibustion

Heat Lamp

Heat lamps are a comfortable, relaxing way to generate heat and stimulate the body. This not only relaxes the area, but also allows for increased circulation and has an analgesic effect. The heat lamp uses a special type of heat – Far Infrared energy – that is easily absorbed into the deeper layers of tissue and muscle.


Moxibustion is a traditional technique that involves the burning of the mugwort plant, Artemisia Argyu to facilitate healing. This technique stimulates specific points, channels, muscles, or joints to warm and improve circulation.

Because moxibustion is such a warming and invigorating treatment, it is often used in cold or blocked conditions. This makes it very helpful in treating conditions like arthritis, general pain, digestive issues, and even to help turn breech babies.

If your treatment requires the use of Moxibustion, you will receive a Moxa stick to take home with you and details instructions on how to use it. The type of Moxa you will receive has undergone a charcoal process and will produce less smoke than the unprocessed variety.

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