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It’s another one of those nights. You’re tossing and turning, unable to clear your mind and drift off to sleep. Maybe it lasts an hour, maybe you’re up all night. Perhaps you wake early in the morning and can never quite fall back asleep. We’ve all experienced sleep trouble at some point or another, but […]

Acupuncture and herbal medicine have been used for thousands of years to help women adjust through the different phases of life. Menopause is no different, and these holistic practices can be a game changer when it comes to battling hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, weight changes, and other issues that can arise in menopause. […]

Summer and Chinese Medicine Welcome, summer! The days are getting longer, it’s warming up, and the holidays are upon us. Summer is packed with fun, excitement, and playful times. We relish in the extra sunlight and feel energized by the heat and activity of the season. Despite all this newfound energy and fun, summer can […]

How chinese medicine can help you stay fit and health during the long cold winter days.

Chinese Medicine holds many natural techniques and variation to keep you healthy in the colder winter months. In winter your body may be more prone to get into a state of disease, as there are more little nasty germs running around, especially as we are confined to closed areas, with artificial heating and ventilation. Whether it’s in […]

I would like to explain here what I mean when I use the Chinese Term ‘blood deficiency’ and give you an idea of how to change your diet to help you with symptoms such as dry hair and skin, or tiredness and dizziness resulting from this condition.

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When we mention to clients that we offer Acupuncture services in the clinic, one question always comes up: “What is the difference between dry-needling used by Remedial Massage Therapists and acupuncture needling?”

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Before arriving to an acupuncture appointment you will be asked to fill up a medical history questioner. It may seem detailed and maybe slightly unrelated to your main concern but as you are probably aware, Holistic medicine is about looking at the body as a whole entity, every bodily system is connected, all groups of symptoms may indicate a certain imbalance in the body that we can address.

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