How chinese medicine can help you stay fit and healthy during the long cold winter days.

How chinese medicine can help you stay fit and health during the long cold winter days.

Chinese Medicine holds many natural techniques and variation to keep you healthy in the colder winter months. In winter your body may be more prone to get into a state of disease, as there are more little nasty germs running around, especially as we are confined to closed areas, with artificial heating and ventilation. Whether it’s in your work place or on public transport on your way the work, a random sneeze is all it takes.

Here I’m about to mention a few ways to help in the prevention of getting sick or as a treatment plan if you are already sick.

  1. Acupuncture to boost your immune system – why not strengthen yourself before it starts. According to Chinese Medicine philosophy, Acupuncture points when combined together create certain affects. For example, combining points such as Li4, St36 and Sp6 work effectively together to boost your immune system. In the same way, needling points such as Pc6 together with Tw5 works to help strengthening your immune system building vital resistance to the flu virus. You can read more about it here.
  1. Help clear your lungs from coughs and mucus using the traditional technique of cupping. By applying a heated cup and creating suction on your upper back, where the lungs are positioned, can help clear built up congestion and fluid in the lungs. You can see a great video of the technique here.
  1. Eat foods according to the season. According to Chinese philosophy we should live in harmony with nature and eat according to the seasons. During winter we should eat warming and nourishing foods such as soups in direct contrast to summer when our body will crave more cooling foods with water based elements. In the same way there are foods recommended to consume or avoid when suffering from certain imbalances. For example, if you suffer from sinus issues, it’s best to avoid foods that create an accumulation of phlegm and blockages that lead to dampness and mucus production such as dairy, sugar, processed carbohydrates, caffeine and greasy foods.

During your consultation we can discuss the best ways suitable for you to fight your illness and get your immune stronger in order to deal with potential sickness into the future. We will look at recommended diets that are suitable for your condition.

I will use acupuncture and cupping as mentioned earlier, and possibly combine them with other useful techniques such as Guasha TuiNa or Moxa, according to your needs, to send the flu packing. Don’t wait until its too late.